Reid Lohr

Reid Lohr
EDI Advisory Group Co-Founder and Partner

Mr. Lohr is the co-founder and partner of EDI Advisory Group, a development and decision support group specializing in global fluency and transnational engagements. The firm helps organizations navigate an increasingly interdependent, multicultural, and changing global marketplace and work environment.

After a rewarding career as a corporate executive with the Southland Corporation, Mr. Lohr transitioned his skills to the international development and foreign affairs arena where works directly with senior government, military, and business leaders. He has held key leadership roles in transitioning economies and post-conflict regions in Central & South Asia, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East. He has also served as Director of International Programs at Chemonics; Foreign Affairs Advisor at Deloitte Consulting; and as an Economic Development and Emerging Market Strategist focusing on institutional capacity building, Government relationships, and Interagency collaboration. He current holds an active Security Clearance.

In addition his work with the EDI Advisory Group, he serves as an Advisor/Trainer on Change Management and Socioeconomic transitions and guest lecturers on Leadership & Management at a variety of Institutions.


USA, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Georgia, Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia, Czech Republic, Turkey, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Israel, Egypt, Jordan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Colombia, Mexico, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Republic of Maldives, and Timor-Leste.


Business and Management, University of Maryland

Geographic Information Systems, University of South Florida

Dale Carnegie Management and Leadership Certification

National Defense University, Brookings, Harvard Kennedy School Alumni Assoc., and CSIS.


Committee on Foreign Relations; Society for Int'l Development; Business Council for Int'l Understanding; World Affairs Council of America; Society of International Business Fellows (SIBF); Executive Roundtables; Kennedy School Alumni Assoc.; American Corporate Partners (mentor); Guess Speaker/Lecture on Leadership & Organizational Development

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