William Dowell

William DowellForeign Correspondent, Publisher

William Dowell spent more than a decade as a foreign correspondent for TIME Magazine in Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Prior to that he worked for both NBC and ABC News on a wide range of foreign assignments that included the war in Vietnam, the revolution and post revolution in Iran, the civil war in Lebanon, the Russian invasion of Afghanistan, various conflicts in Africa and international terrorism, along with the impact of climate change on developing countries.

In addition, he has published several books. He co-authored, In the Shadow of the Dragon, an account of private sector Chinese companies which now challenging the leading multinationals in the global market place and he did an English translation of leading French Arabist, Francois Burgat's The Islamic Movement in North Africa, which includes exclusive interviews with many of the leading thinkers of the Islamic movement. He also recently co-edited the 4th Edition of the Essential Field Guide to Afghanistan. Prior to that he worked on information management for an emergency response team at CARE International providing quick response to major disasters in the Third World. The areas covered in the field were drought in the Horn of Africa, earthquakes in the Northwest Frontier Province in Pakistan, floods and cyclones in Bangladesh. He also worked on assignment in Aceh Province in Indonesia for the Swiss-based Henri Durant Center for Humanitarian Dialogue where he organized town meetings throughout the province in an effort to arrive at a peace settlement between the Indonesian government in Jakarata and separatist rebel movement. He also carried out numerous reporting and writing assignments for the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. He had substantial editing assignments with the United Nations Environmental Program, and he worked on writing assignments for the International Trace Center, a bridge organization linking the United Nations and the World Trade Organization on developing export strategies for Myanmar (Burma), Kyrgyzstan, India, and the Horn of Africa.